We at the Aryan Circle believe inclusiveness, diversity, man-love, and forgiveness are our strengths. These four values are represented by the four sides of our diamond patch! They are our guiding ideals! We believe that everyone deserves a second chance! We are so convinced that a persons past is forgivable that we are proud to have had Thumper, a sex offender, as our one time group president! 

While membership is open to all, only we would consider to be the best make it through the year-long prospect phase! The prospect phase is highly symbolic with four parts. A prospective member must prove dominance by milking 360 (one for each degree in a circle) men of their seed. Only when his anus is busted open like a Japanese flag will he have proven the fortitude of his heart and hiney. The next three tests are situational and revolve around members acting in a way that we at the Aryan Circle have come to expect. Stabbing your friends in the back, screwing you "brothers" old ladies, sucking dick for meth, and snitching are all great ways that a prospect can fit in! Bonus points if you blow yourself up in a meth lab explosion!!!! There's nothing that says "I love my people" like producing a drug that destroys them from within!

Feel free to drop in on one of our monthly meetings we like to call "Circle Jerks"!